I’ve entered my data but I can’t find it, where is it?

1. Open the Medical Alert Bands software (either by clicking on the setup.exe file or going to 'all programs/medical alert bands'

2. Click the open button near the top (or file/open)

3. Select the appropriate .mab file (patient profile file), it will be 'your name'.mab and it should be in the 'my documents' folder. You can search windows for *.mab to locate it.

4. Now you have your profile open and can edit your data as necessary.

5. When you are done editing/entering data click on the 'medical report' tab and click the 'copy and save information...' button near the bottom to save your changes to your hard drive and your flash drive.Type your paragraph here.

Do I need a Windows based PC for Medical Alert Drives software?

You do need a Windows PC to enter and edit your data.  Once that data is entered and saved, it can be viewed on virtually any computer in an emergency situation -- no special software is required and nothing needs to be installed on the reading computer.

​Who has access to medical information?

The only thing we collect from you is the registration code you enter to activate your software.  None of your medical data goes online or gets stored on our servers.  Your data is stored locally on your computer and on your Medical Alert Drive only.  The great thing about that is you don't have to worry about hackers accessing your personal information, the bad thing is, we can not help you restore your information to your flash drive if you lose it.  If you follow the directions provided with your flash drive and software, you will have duplicate data so losing all your info and having to start over from scratch is very rare.

Where do I buy a Medical Alert Drive?

We sell exclusively on amazon.com